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Care & Repair

A great deal of love, work and much heart and soul goes into our manufacturing. With this in mind, we’d like to offer you some tips below on caring for your leather jacket, so you too will get great pleasure from our product now and in the future.


Before you wear the jacket for the first time, you should spray it thoroughly with a (colourless) waterproofing spray for leather jackets.

  • The waterproofing can protect the leather jacket from wet conditions and water stains.
  • This can reduce soiling or the absorption of dirt.
  • Heavy stains are easier to remove from waterproofed leather.

Waterproofing should equally be repeated from time to time. Dry cleaning should ideally only be carried out by a specialist with a RAL certification for leather clothing.

Storing leather clothing

A leather jacket should always be protected from strong light sources. Neon light and sunlight can have bleaching effect on leather over a longer period. Leather clothing that has got wet should be dried by hanging it on a shaped hanger at normal room temperature. Droplets of rain should be dabbed off carefully with a sponge cloth. You should also make sure that damp leather jackets are not exposed to heat. Damp leather can shrink in heat.


In case of a complaint or a fault, please approach the shop where you bought the item if you have acquired the item from a retail outlet. The retailer will get in touch with us and sort our the rest.

We are glad to advise on questions related to the product and will accept deercraft leather jackets for repair.

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